The Story Of Choctaw Lullaby

From broken promises to poverty, Mississippi to motherhood, survival to salvation, the making of a Godly heritage is set into motion and captured in the haunting melody and lasting lyrics of Choctaw Lullaby. It’s an inspiring journey of Mary Ann Sampson, a toddler brought to Indian Territory before Oklahoma’s statehood, where somewhere between Meridian and the prairie hills west of Blue River, Mary met Grace...saving grace.


Emotions echo across generations in the chorus that was a lullaby sung to Kami and Maci by their grandmother, Vivian. This ballad releases the listener with the lingering words of the Choctaw language that was spoken fluently in the home Gaye grew up in. A tender song penned by Gaye, started as a lullaby for Kami when she was expecting Canaan, but quickly became more. Choctaw Lullaby is dedicated to all those who before us, forged a foundation of Christianity and to our own lineage, Mary Ann Sampson John and Vivian John Winton.