The Gastineaus


  1. Lately I've Been Thinking About Home
  2. Settle My Soul
  3. Watch And Pray
  4. Joy When I Need It Most
  5. At The Foot Of The Cross
  6. What Will You Give
  7. He Set Me Free
  8. Wounded Warrior
  9. Keep On Looking
10. Choctaw Lullaby

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The Gastineaus
Honeysuckle Blooms & Sunday Afternoons


  1. It Takes Me Back 
  2. Cry
  3. When Mama's Prayers Are Gone
  4. That's My God
  5. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
  6. Unfailing Love
  7. Walk This Road
  8. Change Comin' On
  9. Don't Think That It's Strange
10. Here I Am Again 

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The Gastineaus
Long Road Home


  1. Long Road Home
  2. Address Change
  3. Darkest Before The Dawn
  4. Worthy To Be Praised
  5. You Are My King
  6. Sky Full Of Angels
  7. Rest Assured
  8. Two Winning Hands
  9. If The Lord Brings You To It
10. Sweep Over Me
11. This Ship Will Sail

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